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unusable_beauty's Journal

Fandom Unusable Icon Challenge
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Do you love entering LJ icon contests along the lines of treepretty, buffy_chorus, lotr_icontest?

Do you get frustrated when your beautiful icon ends up being over 40k, so you're not able to enter it since it doesn't mean LJ specifications?

Now there is a place for it!

Here at unusable_beauty, we have a multifandom icon contest with a twist - the icon must be unusable on LiveJournal, that is, over 40kb in size.

Apply all the artistic talents you have, make frames fade the way you've always wanted them to to create the best piece of icon art there is.


1. All entries will be anonymous. Email the link to your image (you must host your own image) to daughterofnyx@yahoo.com to enter the contest. Include the words "unusable_beauty entry" in your title and the fandom your icon is from in the body.

2. One entry per person. You may change your entry before the week is up, but make sure when sending the email to the moderator, that you're saying there is a change.

3. You must use the challenge issued (be it screencap or lyrical) in your icon. Adding other components is all right.

4. Your icon must be over 40kb.

5. Icons posted to this community in the state they are are *not* shareable, since they do not fit LJ's limits. If you want a reduced size of an icon, comment to the maker to ask if they will make one for you.

6. Entries must be received by 8pm EST Friday. Voting will take place from late Friday evening to early Sunday morning, and the new challenge will be posted Sunday night.

7. Do not post your icons anywhere else before the challenge is over (this includes reductions so they can be used on LJ).

8. Banners will be awarded for first, second and third places. Commendations will also be given by the moderator to one other entry per week. As the community grows, there may be fandom-specific categories added as well. Note: Until submissions reach over 10 a challenge, only first place awards will be handed out.

9. You can promote other icon-related communities here. If you want me to link a community in the info, mention it in your submission email, I'll link it and mention it in the next post that is made.

Happy iconing!

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